20-Minute Booty Lift Workout

Do you dream of a juicy, bootylicious bottom? All it takes is 20 minutes of dedicated effort to get the desired shape. The gluteal muscles, such as the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus, must be targeted from different angles to obtain the desired lift.

Traditional squats are not enough to cover all the buttock muscles. A variety of exercises must be incorporated to complete the booty transformation! Are you ready to give your booty a boost? Here’s what you can do:

Get down for a “glute bridge.”

Lie on your back with your feet on the floor, bend your knees, and raise one leg. On an inhalation, extend your leg towards the ceiling, and on an exhalation, engage your buttocks and push your hips towards the ceiling. Make sure to go as high as you can and keep the position. Lower your hips back towards the ground, though not actually touching the ground, and repeat. Do two sets of eight repetitions with each leg.

Turn around to make rainbows.

Begin by getting on all fours. Position your palms flat on the ground underneath your shoulders and keep your knees about hip width apart. Extend one leg up towards the ceiling while keeping your toes pointed. Slowly lower the leg to tap the floor, and before returning it to the starting position, make sure to squeeze your glutes. Lower the extended leg again, this time crossing it over the other leg before tapping the floor. Repeat this movement to complete one repetition. Aim to do two sets of eight repetitions with each leg for the best results.

Do fire hydrants

Start on all fours with your knees bent. Then, lift one of your legs up in the air to the side of your body while squeezing your glutes. Hold the position for a few seconds, then lower it back to the starting position. Repeat this eight times for one leg, then switch to the other leg and do eight repetitions. This exercise, called the Fire Hydrant, helps to work the gluteus medius, adductors, abductors, and hamstrings. Finish two sets of eight repetitions with each leg.

Challenge yourself with lunge variations.

Squats provide plenty of support, as you’re able to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. Lunges, however, necessitate a split stance to balance your weight, and many different variations exist, such as walking, reverse, lateral, and curtsy lunges. Whatever variation you try, lunges will always involve a shift in weight and continuous adjustments.

Change up the squat with sumo variations while lifting your heels.

Begin by standing with your feet wider than shoulder-width and your toes pointing away from your body. Slowly lift one heel so that you are on your tiptoes, then lower into a squat position while focusing on your core. Once you reach the bottom of the squat, pause before pushing off of the same heel to go back to your starting position. As you are performing your squat, it is important to maintain a wide stance—anywhere from 125–150% of shoulder width—to maximize glute activation. Do two sets with eight repetitions each.

Do a single-leg deadlift.

Start by shifting your weight onto one leg while keeping your back flat. Slightly bend your knee and push your hips forward to get into a deadlift stance. Lift your other leg straight out and lower your arms. Remain conscious of your posture and do not arch your back. When you return to the starting position, contract your hamstrings and glutes. Repeat with the other leg.

Perform single-leg squats.

For a challenging exercise, begin with a single-leg squat. Start by standing with your right hand either holding onto a chair, a wall, or a doorway for support. Lift your right leg off the ground and extend it straight ahead. Perform the squat, and then return to a standing position to finish one repetition. Complete two sets of eight repetitions with each leg for maximum results.


For an effective workout, try doing step-ups with a brick, stool, or chair that is secured in place. To do a straight step-up, begin in a kneeling position, then stand up and step onto the chair with one leg, bringing the other knee up. Come back down, keeping your same foot on the chair, and repeat. You can also do a side step-up. Make sure that you put the weight of your body on the leg you are stepping up with and are not pushing it off the ground with the other leg. For best results, complete two sets of eight repetitions on each side.

Get the booty you want today.

Your glutes are a powerful muscle group that, when developed, can provide a number of benefits, such as improved posture, alleviated lower back pain, and healthier knees. To attain gorgeous glutes, try this simple and effective 20-minute exercise routine. Doing so will help you completely transform your booty and achieve that enviable look.