9 Surprising Foods That Control Your Appetite

If you’re trying to reach your weight-loss goals, dieting can be a helpful tool. But reducing how much food you eat can often leave you feeling hungry. We have all experienced the awkwardness of an unexpected rumble in our stomach, sounding like a distressed whale.

Are you struggling to stick to your diet? Hunger pangs can be the worst enemy when it comes to dieting. You don’t have to let cravings control you; there are plenty of appetite suppressants that can help you stay on track. These foods signal to the brain that you are done eating. Eating these meals means that you can eat healthy and still feel full.

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Here are nine alternative foods that may help suppress your appetite. Try one of these instead of higher-calorie snacks.

1. Avocados

Avocados have been dubbed a ‘superfood’ due to their vast nutritional value. Research published in the Nutrition Journal suggests that consuming an avocado as part of your lunch could help stave off hunger until dinner time. Avocados are packed with beneficial fats, folate, fiber, and vitamins B, C, and E in abundance. Moreover, their high fiber content helps boost your metabolism, making them an excellent dietary choice for weight loss objectives.

2. Chilies

If you are a fan of fiery flavors, you’ll be thrilled to know that adding chilies and chili powder to your meals can actually increase your metabolic rate! Studies also suggest that the compound capsaicin, found in chilies, causes a decrease in appetite; this means that you are likely to consume about 25% fewer calories than you would normally. All it takes is a bit of chili—a quarter of a teaspoon—to make you feel more satiated.

3. Apple

An apple is a wonderful depiction of the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Its nutrient-rich composition offers a variety of benefits, both known and unknown. For instance, a piece of this nutritious fruit can provide more energy than a cup of coffee, and it can also serve as an ideal snack between meals. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber and water content that can help keep you satiated for longer periods of time. If you’re trying to lose weight, having a few bites of this fruit before a meal will put you in a better position to maintain healthy eating habits.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can be a wonderful aid when you’re looking for a natural appetite suppressant. This is because, compared to traditional milk chocolate, dark chocolate is more filling and has a much lower sugar content. Not only will it help keep cravings for sweet and salty foods at bay, but its effects can also be seen in studies.

Research published in the Nutrition & Diabetes Journal stated that people who ate some dark chocolate prior to their meal ended up consuming 17% fewer calories. It is for this very reason that dark chocolate has become a popular substitute for sugary desserts. In addition to curbing hunger, dark chocolate has also been linked to controlling your blood pressure and keeping your heart and brain functioning at their best.

5. Eggs

Eggs make a great breakfast choice due to their combination of fats and proteins. Research conducted at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center revealed that those who ate eggs stayed fuller for longer. It also indicated low ghrelin production levels and higher levels of the appetite-controlling hormone PPY. If you would like to enjoy the appetite-suppressant effects without the yolk, then egg whites make a great option. They’re rich in protein and can still help prevent hunger.

6. Water

One compelling reason to sip water is that it helps keep you hydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches, dull skin, and issues with your organs. Drinking water avoids these issues, providing a beneficial impact on your overall health.

An additional benefit of drinking water is that it may help lower your appetite. Studies have shown that having a glass or two of water just before eating may reduce how much you consume in the meal. Therefore, you can get fuller faster without feeling like you haven’t eaten enough.

7. Popcorn

The unmistakable smell of popcorn is a hallmark of movie screenings. As well as being a delightful treat when munching during a flick, popcorn is packed with fiber, which helps to reduce hunger and keep your tummy fuller for longer. To ensure your diet remains healthy, it’s important not to overindulge in butter, salt, cheese, or caramel; these extras can make popcorn more than just a sweet snack.

8. Pickles

Kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles are all examples of fermented food products. These edible items contain short-chain fatty acids that help establish a connection between your brain and gut. This connection leads to an increase in the production of certain hormones that tell your brain that you’re full. Moreover, pickles also provide probiotics, or health-promoting bacteria, which optimize gut functioning and thus help suppress appetite, sometimes leading to a decrease in body weight.

9. Oatmeal

Tired of sugary cereals for breakfast? Try making oatmeal instead. Oatmeal is an excellent source of protein, fiber, and beta-glucans. It will help keep you full for longer and suppress your appetite while providing plenty of hydration and supporting heart health.

Looking for an appetite-controlling snack? Opt for naturally nutrient-rich and weight-loss-friendly treats that are also delicious.