How to Boost Your Metabolism Fast

Metabolism is an important concept in anyone’s weight-loss journey. It is the sum of energy expended through everyday activities such as walking, talking, and even sleeping. Metabolism is broken down into three distinct parts: non-exercise adaptive thermogenesis, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and exercise. Non-exercise adaptive thermogenesis covers the calories burned from activities that are not considered exercise, for example, bouncing your leg while sitting down or standing up. BMR accounts for the majority of energy usage, 70%, and involves all the processes necessary to keep you healthy and alive. Exercise makes up the rest of the energy used and has an overall effect on weight loss by burning off any unused calories.

Can You Boost Your Metabolism?

As you age, it can be more difficult to shed excess weight because your metabolism naturally slows down. This is especially true for women because hormone fluctuations can cause further weight gain. Although completely overhauling your metabolism can be challenging, you can certainly take steps to help it work more efficiently and boost its functioning. Here are some measures you can take in order to do just that.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is critical for improving your basal metabolic rate (BMR). To keep your body functioning at an optimal level, focus on finding a balance between carbohydrates, fat, and protein. This is also important for keeping your hormone levels in check, which can lead to various health problems or weight gain. Aim to incorporate more high-fiber and high-protein foods into your diet, and avoid or limit sugary and starchy items. Additionally, make sure you do not skip meals or overconsume alcohol, as doing so will lower the efficiency of your metabolism.

Exercise Often

In order to become fitter and lose weight, regular exercise is essential. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and heavy lifting should be included into any fitness routine in order to boost the metabolism quickly and effectively. What’s even better about HIIT is that after you are done, your body will continue to burn calories; typically at a rate a 200-300 calories a day. If you need to consume a calorie deficit of 500 to lose weight, your HIIT routine will get you more than halfway there. So, if you are serious about losing weight, HIIT should become an integral part of your exercise regimen.

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Get Your Vitamins

To enhance your metabolism and slim down, building muscle is an effective option. However, for your body to develop muscle and keep your appetite in check while burning fat, it needs proper support. Studies showcase that only 5% of people in America get adequate amount of vitamin D daily which is vital for the development of muscles. Additionally, calcium consumption is extremely beneficial for women to continue their weight loss journey and increase their metabolism.

Build & Tone Muscle

Lean muscle mass helps you lose weight in more ways than one. It burns three times more calories than fat per pound, so increasing your muscle mass can have a major impact on your metabolism. Strength and resistance exercises to build lean muscle, as opposed to bulky muscle, can help boost this effect. This type of training aids in burning calories while toning the body. Although building muscle alone won’t result in major weight loss, it can have a cumulative effect on your metabolism that can speed up your results.

Rest Often

Working out on a regular basis is essential to keep your metabolism going and to prevent yourself from plateauing. Yet it is just as important to give your body a break in between your workouts. This is to ensure that your body has a chance to reset its hormones and that your muscles can repair and build themselves up. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you do not over-exert yourself.

Become A Morning Person

Waking up bright and early and fueling up with a balanced breakfast will do more than just provide clarity and focus – it will jumpstart your metabolism. Ignoring breakfast sets you up for a greater risk of obesity and unhealthy habits you’re more likely to carry out in order to quell your hunger pangs. A cup of coffee or tea is a great way to stimulate your nervous system and kickstart your metabolism, followed by a meal of proteins and dairy. Throw in a glass of cold water to give your metabolism an extra boost, and you’re all set for a day of fat burning productivity.

Stick With It and Get Support

Though there’s no silver bullet that will skyrocket your metabolism, you can reach your goals faster with some small adjustments to your lifestyle and by adding a metabolism-boosting supplement like PhenQ to your diet. By making the necessary changes to your lifestyle and committing to them, you can revitalize your energy levels, attain your desired physique and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term.