Health Benefits Of Eating Apples

Everyone is indeed aware of the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but what is the reason that has made this fruit so popular? What are the benefits of eating apples?

Apples are one of the most consumed and cultivated fruits in the world and are popularly known as the “miracle food” due to the benefits that they offer.

They are extremely rich in dietary fiber, flavanoids and antioxidants. The antioxidants present in apples reduce the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and hypertension.

There are numerous other benefits of apples too which I have listed in the below mentioned points:

  1. Control the weight:
    Apples are most suitable for the people who want to control their weight. Also, there are numerous health problems that a person has to face because of being overweight. These problems include sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Doctors also recommend to take apples as they are rich in fiber and the food rich in fiber is capable of controlling the weight as well as improving the overall health of a person.

2. Get healthier and whiter teeth:
By bitting and chewing an apple the production of saliva is stimulated in the mouth which helps in lowering the level of bacteria and thus prevents tooth decay.

3. Reduces the risk of diabetes:
People who eat at least 1 apple everyday are less prone to have type 2 diabetes than those who don’t. Apples have soluble fiber present in them which is the key for preventing blood sugar swings.

4. Restrain all types of cancer:
Researches have proved that the apple peel contains triterpenoids that carry out powerful anti-growth activities against the cancer cells in the colon, breast and liver.

5. Avoid Alzheimer’s:
It has been proved that by drinking apple juice you can avoid Alzheimer’s and also fight against the effects of aging on the brain.

6. Get a healthier heart:
The apple skin contains phenolic compound that prevents the cholesterol to solidify on the walls of your artery. If the cholesterol builds up then the plague builds up in the arteries which reduces the flow of blood to your heart and thus leads to coronary heart disease.

7. Boost up the immune system:
Apples have quercetin which is an antioxidant present in them. Studies have proved that this compound can boost up and strengthen the immune system particularly if you are stressed.

8. Avoid hemorrhoids:
Hemorrhoids are swollen vein in the anal canal which can be very painful. They are caused due to lot of pressure in the pelvic and rectal areas. The fiber present in the apples prevent you from straining too much when going to the bathroom and thus help in averting hemorrhoids.

9. Beat constipation and diarrhea:
One of the benefit of eating apples is that the fibers present in them can help you whether you just can’t stop going to the bathroom or you can’t go. This fiber can pull water out of the colon and can also absorb excess water to slow down your bowels.

10. Detoxify the liver:
One of the best ways to detoxify the liver is eating apples. As the liver is responsible for cleaning the toxins that we consume on daily basis, it might get affected. So to protect it, you must eat fruits such as apples.

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