11 Sports That Give You A Full Body Workout

When it comes to fat loss exercises, there is a vast selection to choose from. However, there may be times when you want to simplify your routine and do a workout that targets your entire body. Building an exercise program around full-body movements will help you maximize the amount of calories you burn and get the most out of your workout. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and burpees are just a few examples of exercises that will work your legs, core, and arms all at once.

What Is A Full Body Workout Exactly?

For those looking for a comprehensive full body workout, it doesn’t have to involve a gym or costly equipment. In fact, many sports provide great fitness benefits – giving one a powerful full body workout that tones and builds strength. Here are eleven sports that will provide an effective full body workout, both for fitness experts and novices alike. From high intensity activities to more relaxed options, these sports will put you on the right track to achieving your fitness goals – all while getting a good time. Enjoy the sweat and fun associated with doing sports while getting a power-packed workout.


Rock climbing provides an avenue to work out, embracing a less stereotypical approach. Bouldering is, essentially, a format of climbing sans harness and similar safety garb. Risk of trauma increases with this type of action, so it’s recommended to utilize man-made wall constructions at a gym or dedicated rock-climbing facility for an overall stamina-building exercise. The climb stimulates multiple muscle groups while sufficiently challenging one’s tenacity. The climb conclusion is proof of a total body effort, plus the acutely felt burn.


Swimming is a fitness routine that has been a favorite amongst athletes who are looking to add a sport to their workout. It provides an entire body workout while still being gentle on the joints so it is an ideal exercise for someone who is injured or in recovery. No matter the season, you are able to swim and have fun while getting fit!


Tennis is an excellent aerobic sport that provides a great full-body workout. In just an hour of playing you can burn up to 600 calories! Not only is tennis great for your overall health, it’s also a lot of fun. You’ll engage every muscle group as you serves, pivot, slam, jump, and sprint to keep the ball in play. Playing tennis can be an exhilarating experience that will help you stay fit and healthy.


Basketball is an ideal sport for those who are looking for an invigorating group exercise experience in a relaxed atmosphere.With each twist and turn as you shoot for the goal, your cardiovascular system will be engaged, your muscles warmed, and your core strength will be enhanced. In addition to having a great time, you will also gain increased spatial awareness, coordination, and decision making skills. Get ready to have a blast while giving your overall fitness a boost!

Nordic Skiing

Nordic combined skiing is regarded by many as being one of the most challenging outdoor sports. It requires participants to master the skill of both skating and classical skiing in order to excel. Working your quadriceps, core, glutes, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, and biceps, Nordic skiing provides an all-encompassing workout that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling pretty worn out the next morning. Learning the finer points of each skiing style is sure to help you get ahead, but be warned that it is no easy task.


From the novice to the expert, cycling offers an excellent way to stay in shape and strengthen your entire body. Used both inside and out, this low impact sport is ideal for all ages and all levels, as it helps to improve cardiovascular health and muscle flexibility. Not just a seasonal favorite, you can find spin classes offered year round at many gyms, spaces that techno tunes set the mood and help match each rider’s pace. So if you’re looking to engage in a full body exercise while also keeping your heart rate up, cycling is an ideal option for you.


Volleyball is a great choice for a full body workout sport. Not only does it provide a full-body workout, it also increases metabolic rate, strengthens muscles, improves coordination and control, and boosts agility. All of this takes place while you burn significant amounts of calories. If you’re looking for a sport that provides a full-body workout, volleyball is definitely one to consider.


Gymnastics is an activity that provides a full body workout and although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the rewards and benefits of the sport are plentiful. You need to have good flexibility, strength, and balance when taking up gymnastics to maximize the gains made from the sport. With improved core strength, toned muscles, and increased endurance, people who practice gymnastics can become more aware of their body and how it moves, which will enable them to get the most out of their workouts.


Wrestling is an excellent option for targeting overall body strength. This low-impact sport increases endurance, tones the body, builds flexibility, and bolsters strength of the major muscle groups. Core strength is enhanced as wrestlers must hold their body in various poses and positions to gain points. Furthermore, you will need to be highly flexible in order to outmaneuver and anticipate your opponent’s moves. Lastly, your defensive skills are improved by the regular practice of this sport. In this way, wrestling can benefit the whole body in an effective but safe manner.


For many years, Squash has been the leader in the unsurpassed sports arena, and it’s not hard to see why. Its unique combination of cardio and strength-building works out multiple body parts, increasing strength, agility and power while flexibility heightens. If you’re looking to shed calories, then Squash is an excellent choice – along with being an ideal option for team players who want to test their skills against others. It all combines to make a full body workout, with multiple benefits.

Figure Skating

Figure skating may appear effortless, but the truth is that it’s anything but. You have to have phenomenal muscle control, strong core muscles, and considerable upper and lower body strength to execute those graceful movements on the ice, all with a charming smile. It’s certainly one of the most physically demanding sports, but the benefits it offers for your overall health are definitely worth it.

Enjoy Your Sport

Finding a challenging and exciting way to workout your entire body can be difficult, but our list of sports that offer a total body workout can help. From cardiovascular exercise to muscle toning, these sports are great for increasing stamina, shaping your muscles, and strengthening your core. Make sure to pair your workouts with a healthy diet to get the most benefit and don’t forget to add an appetite suppressant to your regimen to keep cravings in check. Take your pick and have fun while you get fit! Also add PhenQ UK Fat Burner for maximum benefit.